From our inventory, you can select the products (individual or in surprise batch) that will soon expire, from remaining stocks or unsold. You will see the price and the time that the users need to pick up their purchase.

Hotel Establishments inform the User of the unsold items via the inventory platform. They may also offer unused cosmetic products (room-cleaning products) and meals whit unused products froms the kitchens of their restaurants (breakfast or brunch for example). In the latter case, the customer will be able to take advantage of it only at unconventional hours because it will be necessary to wait for the end of the service, but it will be cheaper! This approach makes it possible to respect the system of our concept and to save money.

Everyone (Users, Traders and Hotel Establishments) is the winner. For traders and hotels, it is a solution to give a second life by selling unsold products that will soon expire and unused rooms. For the User, it is an opportunity to save money, to treat themselves more often and make a gesture for the planet by saving a lot of products and services.

ECOSLOWASTING provides the possibility for the user to buy online what the merchant and hotel offers on our platform every day via an inventory or surprrise lot system. Products and services are then reserved and prepaid online and collected from the merchant or used at the hotel disrectly at pre-set times.

Shops and Hotel Establishments are the only ones responsible for the Products and Services orders. For all information relating to the order (including the list of ingredients and allergens) the Users must contact the Commerce or Hotel Establishment directly because we are just an intermediary and have no control and responsibilities over the Products and Services posted online.

What are your solutions to reduce waste? How do you  do it? How should we act on a daily basis to preserve the planet? ECOSLOWASTING was born to reduce waste. The principle is simple and united to  decrease not only food squander, but waste on all levels! ECOSLOWASTING is the contribution I wish to make to the  global fight against waste. This action makes it possible to have an awareness of its impact on the environment. Join our ECOSLOWASTING concept available in just three steps from our website:

1. Register for free. Once registered you will be geolocated so you can choose the Trader and / or Hotel that interests you.

2. Order and prepay what interests you directly online with your credit card.

3. Go at the pre-established time to the merchant and / or hotel to pick up your purchase or enjoy your service.

Three reasons to choose Ecoslowasting :

  1. I save money
  2. I reduce waste
  3. I preserve the environment 

Now that you have the tools, start this new experience here and now and save our beautiful planet together!