Did you know that if you are looking at this Site, you are changing de world from an ecological, environmental and ethical point of view? So, if you too would like to contribute, then do not hesitate to register here on our website! Start this new experience and save our beautiful planet!

My name is Elisa. I moved to France from Italy in 2006 and decided to put down my suitcases and settle in Menton. I love this town that welcomed me with open arms! Here I was able to build myself, first professionally in Monaco where I embraced the business world for a few years in business tourism and public relations. Then I blossomed personally when I found my love, my soul mate, Julien. I’ve been sharing my life with this great man since 2007. He learned, like me, to fight against waste (but not only food, here we talk about waste on everything). With this vision of things and with our great love, we started a beautiful little family. Our two little girls, Emma 6 years old and Iris 18 months, fill our life with joy and tenderness. You must understand, I have not always been "the ambassador of the fight against waste". The world of ecology, organic and well-being I discovered and deepened through a training course in Naturopathy that I attended in 2011 at the CENA school of Robert MASSON in Paris (a great gentleman of Naturopathy in France), which opened me up to a new world and a great passion for these domains. I then wanted to develop my curiosity in the world of massage AYURVEDIQUE ABHYANGA and I therefore enrolled at the school AZENDAY in Nice to follow this other rewarding training.

But there is a 3rd child that was born, that you now know about since you are here on my Site ... it's called ECOSLOWASTING! The idea of creating this site began when I started to frequent an organic supermarket next to my home which presented a small anti-waste space of the day. Every day I went to this supermarket to buy products that would expire, and I was frankly so proud to be saving money, to be able to cook differently every day with quality organic products and to do something useful for this Earth where we live.

When I wanted to test this method in other businesses in town, I quickly realized that this policy was not widespread and I told myself "What a pity! Something must be done quickly before that large quantity of products is thrown away when they are still consumable! ".

Did you know that Europeans throw away 4 million tons of clothes a year? In France it is estimated that 114 euros per household of clothing or accessories that are in good condition is not worn and remain in our cabinets. Unfortunately, once fashion has passed, limited-edition products and shop promotions remove unsold products and destroy it! So many products have this destiny: clothes, shoes, diaper packs, bath and body products, detergents, household robots, etc…unfortunately the list is long.

Hotels are often not fully booked and have unsold rooms, as well as their restaurants too. So a new waste of food, products and services occurs.

Finally, you understand, the planet needs us to continue to offer us quality products and services. We must take care of it every day. And for that there is good news, we can reduce some of this mess and save money having fun! It seems impossible? It is possible if you adhere to our ECO-SLOWASTING concept that is available in just three steps:

1. Free registration. Once registered you will be geo-located so you can choose the Trader and / or Hotel that you’d like.

2. You order and prepay what you like directly online with your credit card.

3. You go to a meeting point, merchant and / or hotel to pick up your purchase or enjoy your service.

Three reasons to choose ECO-SLOWASTING:

1. You save money.

2. You reduce waste.

3. You preserve the environment.

Take part in the fight against huge waste problems of our times! Think of future generations, our children, the children of our children. Which planet would you like to give them? With what ideals? A small contribution is often enough to change things! And as my little Emma would say that she loves the song THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD IF WE SHARE ON THIS PLANET! So, let's be active together! Here and now!

"It is through that little acts, that everyone can do, here and now, that we will be able to change things in depth" (Yann Arthus-Bertrand photographer, reporter, director and French ecologist).