Our general conditions of use and how it works ?

If you come to browse www.ecoslowasting.com, hen you are a User and we thank you. Here are the rules to follow as a User of the Site.

On Ecoslowasting.com, we act for the environment.

The Ecoslowasting Site gives access to a Service defined as such:

Ecoslowasting allows users to buy products, food and services, like nights in hotel room, that will have to go find on the spot in shops or hotel establishments (shops and hotels are the Traders) following the conditions specifically mentioned.

These Terms of Use are applicable to the use of the current site and its future versions, as well as those versions adapted to any medium giving access to the Site (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

By placing an order on the Site, you warrant that:

• You are of legal age and are able to book and buy the products and services listed on the Site.

• You agree to receive e-mails concerning Purchases made and validated by the Merchant. This is required to ensure that the User receives the relevant information on his Purchase. The User agrees that any exchange between Ecoslowasting, the User and the Merchant is retained for a period of 3 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.

We reserve the right to modify this page at any time. Access to the CGU page, as well as to the Site in general, is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for cases of force majeure and excluding usual maintenance periods.

To contact Ecoslowasting

Mrs. Elisa Alberto


4 avenue Édouard VII

06500 Menton


Company registered in the Registry of the Commercial Court of Nice under number Siret: 845 150 267 00019

Director of the publication: Elisa Alberto.

E-mail address: service-client@ecoslowasting.com

Product sheets and overnight stays in hotel rooms

Ecoslowasting is a service that allows Users to buy Products and Nights in hotel rooms that interest them. The Merchant publishes their advertisements on the Site so that the User can find all the information they deem essential for the purchase (description, conditions of withdrawal or fulfillment, price, etc.).

Purchase of products, nights in hotel room and payment

To find the Products and Services around them, the User may authorize their geolocation on the Site, and the information collected via cookies may be retained by the Site for future use, in accordance with the Data Protection Policy. The User has the right to manage cookies (see below the chapter on Data Protection and Cookie Management). Otherwise, a list of Merchants is available on the Site.

Once the User has made their choice of Product or Overnight, the User can buy by clicking on the button provided for this purpose on each listing. If it is not registered, the User can create an account on the Site. This action is subject to the Data Protection Policy andyou may contact Customer Service to manage your data on the Site (see the section on Data Protection Policy). Once the registration has been made, the User may terminate their Purchase. It is also possible to buy as a guest without creating an account.

To make the purchase, the User must prepay the Product or Service. Payment for purchases can be made by any method of payment accepted by the Site (credit card in particular).

When paying by credit card, the User must enter their card numbers, expiration date and security code on the back of the card to reserve. The necessary payment information, in accordance with French law, is required by the payment provider, but is never made known to Ecoslowasting. Payment is made through a secure connection. Before entering this information, Ecoslowasting requests the User's approval to keep the credit card information for future use. This information may be deleted at any time by the User on the Site by contacting the Customer Service (in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Policy).

The price of the Products and Nights in hotel room is thus taken before the withdrawal of the Products or enjoyment of Night in room of hotel near the Merchant, at the time of the purchase. The payment is collected by Ecoslowasting on behalf of the Merchant. In the event of cancellation of the purchase by the User or by the Merchant in the respect of the present General Conditions, the price of the Products and Nights of room of hotel will not be transferred to Ecoslowasting and the refund will be initiated. Any refund period attributable to the payment service provider and the user's bank is independent of Ecoslowasting and the responsibility cannot be extended to it.

Subject to validation of payment, the purchase is considered effective, the User may go to the Merchant to withdraw the Product or enjoy the Night. An e-mail will be sent to the User to inform about the status of the Purchase. At the end of an effective treatment of the Purchase, the User must correctly inform the requested information (in particular the e-mail or send the confirmation). Otherwise, the Purchase will be treated as is and can only be corrected by soliciting Ecoslowasting Customer Service.

Ecoslowasting does not intervene in any other way than by allowing the purchase of products and services. Ecoslowasting is therefore in no way responsible for compliance with the Merchant's sales contract with the User. For any claim outside the purchase, the User must request the Merchant.

Purchase confirmation

When a User purchases a Product or a Night, they receive a confirmation e-mail with a reminder of the terms of enjoyment of the product or service and obtain a link to these Terms of Use.


Prices are quoted in Euros and subject to the sole control of the Merchant.

Withdrawal or enjoyment of a purchase

The product sheets and nights in hotel room mention an address which is the one where the user must proceed with the withdrawal of the product or the enjoyment of the night. The confirmation e-mail also mentions this address with the other methods of withdrawal of the Product or obtaining a Night stay, in particular the times of passage to strictly respect. The User must respect the conditions of accommodation and sales imposed by the Merchant (example: arrival and departure of the room).

When withdrawing the Product or taking possession of the room, the confirmation of Purchase must be shown to whom it is entitled (manager, employee, etc.). The User is advised to check that the Products and Nights in the hotel room correspond to the description on the Site sheet.

Cancellation of the Purchase

In view of the perishable nature of Food Products, the right of withdrawal pursuant to Article L.121-21-8 paragraph 4 of the Consumer Code is not in effect for these Products specifically. Nevertheless, you can:

Cancel your Purchase up to 3 hours before the withdrawal time, by e-mail at service-client@ecoslowasting.com . No refunds will be made beyond these terms.

The price charged at the time of the Purchase by Ecoslowasting will be refunded by the payment service.

No refund will be able to intervene if the cancellation is not carried out in the respect of the conditions envisaged in the present article.

The Overnight Purchase in a hotel room cannot be canceled by either the User or the Merchant. No refund will be made once the Purchase has been confirmed.

Products other than perishable and / or food and hotel services are subject to Article L.121-21-8 paragraph 4 of the Consumer Code, the User therefore has a period of 14 days to retract and request a refund in writing to Customer Service ( service-client@ecoslowasting.com ).

Customer service

The customer service can be reached at service-client@ecoslowasting.com and by mail to the address specified in article 2. This option has a greater impact on the environment, so we prefer to communicate by e-mail.

In case of complaint, Ecoslowasting will make every effort to resolve the problem and respond within eight days to the User. Only records with specific supporting documentation will be examined to show that there was indeed a voluntary misconduct by the Merchant. The User will join all the necessary parts to study the case.

User reviews

The User has the right to give their opinion on a Merchant on the Site, in compliance with the following rules:

• The notice is written after the withdrawal of the Product or use of hotel services;

• The notice must not contain defamatory, obscene or offensive material;

• The notice must not incite violence or discrimination;

• The notice must not infringe the rights, including intellectual property and rights of personal data, of another natural or legal person;

• The notice must not promote illegal activities or violate the right to respect for private life;

• The notice must not contravene any law or regulation;

• The notice must not constitute unauthorized, exaggerated, concealed, inaccurate advertising;

• The notice should not give the impression that it comes from Ecoslowasting and its affiliates;

• The notice must not be used to impersonate another person or to misrepresent the User's affiliation with another person.

A notice posted, downloaded or transmitted to the Site that does not respect these criteria may be moderated, deleted or modified by Ecoslowasting. In addition, the User guarantees Ecoslowasting of any prejudice resulting from legal actions that would be found in the opinion of this User.

The notices and other elements specific to the User present on the Site are intended to inform independently of Ecoslowasting. These are opinions of customers who belong to them but who, once published on the Site, are elements falling under intellectual property rights. By submitting its opinions on the Site, the User acknowledges that they hold all rights of use and authorize Ecoslowasting to keep and to use them.


Merchants who make the individual and voluntary initiative to register on the Site are responsible for the offers, conditions and prices indicated. Ecoslowasting is not a commercial site but a simple platform of announcements and reservations. Ecoslowasting is a service that allows Merchants to offer their Products and Nights in hotel rooms to Users via index cards on the Site.

Product pages

The Merchant ensures, independently of Ecoslowasting, the conformity of its products and services with the cards that it writes. Merchants must provide complete and accurate information. The cards written by the merchants must not contain offensive, defamatory, unlawful, etc. Prices are quoted in Euros and subject to the sole control of the Merchant. The Merchant must update his profile and cards by informing the user of each change, including: the name of the store / hotel, schedules, address, etc., as well as temporary or permanent closures. The User may contact the Merchant for additional information (allergens, recipes, ingredients, bedding dimensions, etc.). The Merchant is responsible for claims made by the User during and after the purchase.

Ecoslowasting reserves the right to withdraw a particular form in case of complaints from Users, non-compliance of the Merchant with these Terms, reasonable grounds to believe that a purchase may be fraudulent. In any case, Ecoslowasting is under no circumstances obliged to justify the withdrawal. Ecoslowasting does not intervene in any other way than by allowing the purchase of products and services. Ecoslowasting is therefore in no way responsible for compliance with the Merchant's sales contract with the User. For any claim outside the purchase, the User must request the Merchant.

At the end of the purchase process by a User, the Merchant receives an email that informs them of order completion.

The Merchant reserves the right to refuse to honor the Purchase if the User does not comply with the terms and conditions (including schedules). Ecoslowasting therefore advises to arrive at the requested time, and to wait if the User is in advance. If the User arrives late, the Merchant may simply be closed and consider the transaction completed, that is, ask for payment. By accepting these Terms of Use, the User is informed and agrees that the Merchant is required to put the Products and Nights in hotel room items of the Purchase at your disposal only during the hours specified at the time of the Purchase, without recourse. In case of no show to the Merchant for the withdrawal or enjoyment without prior cancellation, Ecoslowasting takes the price of the Products and Nights in hotel room.

Due to the anti-waste concept, the Merchant reserves the right to cancel a Purchase of Products (food and non-food) until 3 hours before the withdrawal time. In this case the cancellation information will be sent to the User by e-mail and the price will be refunded. In the event of non-compliance with these terms, Ecoslowasting retains the right to require the Merchant to pay the commission in the event of a change or cancellation of the pick-up time in addition to the terms specified above.

The Overnight Purchase in a hotel room cannot be canceled by either the User or the Merchant. No refund will be made once this type of Purchase confirmed.

In the context of consumer law, if a User exercises their right of withdrawal in accordance with the law and these Terms, the Merchant will refund the amount to Ecoslowasting.

Merchant account creation and fees

Ecoslowasting gets paid when there is a purchase. A fixed commission is made on the sale. We do not charge a fee for visibility as requested in a typical advertisement.

Ecoslowasting proceeds to the payment to the Merchant for each Product and / or Service sold on the platform via its cards.

In the "Become a Partner" space Ecoslowasting offers traders the opportunity to buy advertising inserts that scroll on the first page of the site between the testimonial space and Our News or to promote each other's services by exchanging links.

User Banishment

Ecoslowasting reserves the right to prevent any User who violates these Terms of Use from using the Site again.

Intellectual property rights

Permitted Uses: You are authorized to use the Site and to print and download items from the Site for your own personal, non-commercial use on the following basis:

• You must not resort to abusive practices on the Site (such as hacking or extracting content);

• Unless otherwise indicated, all intellectual property rights relating to the structure of the Site, the application, the Service, its presentation, the elements that make it up (including photographs and graphic images) belong to Ecoslowasting or we have been conceded. These works are protected by laws and treaties around the world and all rights are reserved. In the context of these Terms of Use, any use of extracts from the site other than in accordance with this article is prohibited.

• Ecoslowasting is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights in Ecoslowasting and its logos. These General Conditions of Use do not involve the transfer of any intellectual property rights or any license for the benefit of the User on the structure and content of the Site. The User agrees not to use the Site, the application and the Service in an unfair or parasitic manner or in a way that infringes the rights of Ecoslowasting. The User is forbidden to modify the digital or paper copies of any content.

Except as noted above, the Site may not be used and no part of the Site may be reproduced or stored in any other site or included in a public or private electronic search system or service without the prior written permission of Ecoslowasting.


On Ecoslowasting.com, you can find links leading off the site. Clicking on it means leaving the site, so outside the scope of these Terms of Use and thus release any liability from Ecoslowasting.

Electronic validation

by its digital nature, the site Ecoslowasting.com requires electronic validation, that is to say that a click on the buttons of purchase and validation constitutes their effective validation.

Aplicable law and competent jurisdiction

These General Terms of Use and any dispute arising from its interpretation, execution or termination shall be subject to French law and to the competent courts.

Data protection and cookie management

Ecoslowasting collects via cookies and processes the data of Users of its site ecoslowasting.com in accordance with the Data Protection Act. As such, the User is informed that personal data are collected as part of the Ecoslowasting Data Protection Policy (ecoslowasting data protection policy). To manage the collection of data and their return by Ecoslowasting, the User must go to the section provided for this purpose in his account. Users who purchase as visitors may claim the application of their rights via e-mail at protection-donnees@ecoslowasting.com .

For any request related to the Data Protection Policy, the management of cookies and the IT law and freedoms, the User can write to protection-donnees@ecoslowasting.com .

Referencing of the contents proposed on the site

How to refer to the cards

The cards are sorted by default in chronological order: the last advertisement will appear first in the results page of ads in the category concerned, as well if criteria are selected.

The ads are categorized and on each page of results it is possible to filter the ranking according to different criteria:

• Date

• Ascending price

• Alphabetical order

• Other criteria specific to the selected category

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